World's Pride Awards : Oldest people is a category of the show "World's Pride Awards". In this category it shows oldest people in the world.


  1. (age 123) Bill Hotrigan (deceased)
  2. (age 121) Lily Godberon (deceased)
  3. (age 120) George Oldonor (deceased)
  4. (age 119) William Cowmeron
  5. (age 118) James Tracmanor (deceased)
  6. (age 116) Monica Mouslison (deceased)
  7. (age 115) Emma Goldminson
  8. (age 113) Amber Brettinson (deceased), Isabella Farmelor, Peter Pretteror (deceased)
  9. (age 112) Elnora Levoron (deceased), Micheal Watemolon
  10. (age 111) Sherry Hamolor (deceased) , Jack Libramoner (deceased), Elba Racksenon, Sam Nangeron (deceased)

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