Beardsley Sirindar
Gender Male
Status Alive
Age 76
Hair White (formerly brown)
Occupation Builder at Hirmytraim (former)

Parents: Atherol and Edolie Sirindar

Siblings: Cynric, Harv, Remmie, Warmond Winthrop , Luelle, Mayda and Hollye Sirindar

Wives: Blossom Sirindar

Children: Ashcroft, Harold, Winton and Daralis Sirindar

Grandchildren: Jacob Sirindar

Grandparents: Carver, Aldora Sirindar and

Hiatt, Beda Mabjaloten

Great-grandparents: Javcero , Ashmy

Kujavarm, Naberata

Zertamal, Jamberon

Langamt and Deromba Shintyner

Release date 15 June 2012
Voiced By Vilius Ranauskas

Beardsley Sirindar (born 29 June 1936) is one of the main's characters in the game father's father, because he is the father of Ashcroft Sirindar, who is the father of Jacob Sirindar, one of the main characters. He was released in 15 June 2012.

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