Ashmy Sirindar
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Age 89 (deceased)
  1. Brown
  2. Black
  3. Gray
  4. White
  5. Bald
Occupation Magican (former)
Location MinbiVill, Jahgafari

Children: Carver, Nabcagi and Tarkmer Sirindar

Grandchildren: Atherol, Babkul and Gineb Sirindar.

Great-grandchildren: Cynric, Harv, Remmie, Warmond Winthrop , Luelle, Mayda and Hollye Sirindar

Great-great-grandchildren: Ashcroft, Harold, Winton and Daralis Sirindar

Great-great-great-grandchildren: Jacob Sirindar

Release date 27 June2012
Voiced By Vilius Ranauskas

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